The Basil plants are loving August! We’re doing two weeks in a row at the market so you can enjoy the bounty… We’re featuring Lemon Basil in a big way by having bunches of it fresh, bags of it freshly dried and we’ll be sampling and selling it as tea…yes it’s sumptuous! There is a new batch of our Fish Finishing Herbs with Lemon Basil and our Poultry Herbs also has Lemon basil so come and get your fill of this bright sunny herb!

Hey, if you’re starting a new semester at UM, we have a great part-time volunteer intern program where you can learn growing and working with herbs sustainably with permaculture for credits…get a flyer and talk to us about it.

We won’t be at the market the next two weekends, but stay tuned for Volunteer Learning Days and U Picks over Labor Day weekend.

We’ll put the tea on…