Learning about our roots , no pun intended, can really enrich our lives…and our bodies!

Herbs were a big part of the Celtic lifestyle

Sometimes, I wonder if it just takes time and age to figure out what you’re all about, put it into practice and get it out there to share. I was born with Irish and Scottish blood from my dad’s side, then married into the Scottish Elliott clan. Of all things, I got interested in growing organically when I looked into the Aveda hair products I was using and selling as a hair designer. Then, being an avid gardener, I started growing herbs when I read they not only enhanced my vegetable plants, but had all sorts of ways to enhance and heal the body…and I love to grow them! As I’ve looked into their rich history, I’m constantly drawn to the Celtic traditions and herbalism. It withstands and is verified through all time, especially for us who live in the northern clime.

What follows is a little print that we’ll be giving out at the gathering this weekend. It has a brief history on Celtic Herbs to “eat, drink and be merry” through the Ages and the “bright” meanings to some Celtic herbs I grow.

Celtic publisher booklet

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