We do live classes February – April

 The perfect wintertime learning adventure starts in February! Check out our News and Events blog page for other events where we may be doing classes.

Make cooking healthful and gourmet with the Cooking with Herbs 406 class

Love the idea of cooking more health conscious and local, but too busy? herb tapas

Learn to incorporate Montana friendly herbs into your everyday lifestyle.   Presentations are available February and March and
We will be learning :
The health benefits of 18 culinary herbs and pairing herbs with various foods
How to add herbs to recipes, some basic herb recipes, including some traditionally medicinal herbs, extra recipes in the back
Tips for cooking with herbal vinegar
A little about teas…   Herbal Tea will be served…

Included with the class: One plus hours of presentation, Syllabus (the culinating booklet) of material covered – 10 pages of guides, recipes and general knowledge of herbs with references and sources

This year we’re not holding a public class, but rather shorter presentaions for free or a reduced rate. We’ll keep you posted early next year and have flyers at the winter market. Meanwhile, classes can be scheduled at your home with 4-6 participants. MONDAY evenings or Sunday afternoons February or March. Email us with requests

Can’t get to a class or not local? Get a printed cooking booklet here

 Summertime Classes happen during Volunteer Learning Days or sessions May through October.

During the growing season, formal sit down classes are replaced with lunch time presentations during our Volunteering Learning Days and sessions learning by doing! You can get down and personal with herbs working with them from caring for them, harvesting them, drying them and seeing them to the finished product. The working/U Pick garden is evolving with sustainable and permaculture practices that you can learn from by getting involved. I consider you an intern anytime you commit to coming out to learn! Check out the Intern/ Volunteer page where you can see a schedule for each season. I love to learn and share so come see and learn!

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