!New class-Culinary Herbs for Wellness and Herbal Vinegar!

Sustainable herbs and Vinegar

We first presented a workshop at the Spokane Herbal Fair and will be presenting again during  the winter…in the meantime, you can get a kit here to use year round

We will be learning :
Benefits of 16 Culinary herbs to use everyday
How to add herbs to vinegar including some traditionally medicinal herbs
Tips for cooking with vinegar and what kinds of vinegar to use
Two methods of infusing vinegar

Included with the class: One plus hours of presentation, a loaded one page brochure and kits for sale

Make cooking fun and healthy again with the Cooking with Herbs 101 class

Love the idea of cooking more healthy and gourmet, but too busy? herb tapas

Learn to incorporate herbs into your everyday healthy lifestyle by creating mouth-watering meals, snacks and drinks with a gourmet touch. Presentations are available January through March and the printed culinating booklet is available year round from our store.
We will be learning :
Pairing herbs with various foods
How to add herbs to recipes including some traditionally medicinal herbs
Tips for cooking with herbal vinegar
A little about teas…Herbal Tea will be served…

Included with the class: One plus hours of presentation, Syllabus (the culinating booklet) of material covered – 7 pages of guides, recipes and general knowledge of herbs with references and sources

Check the store to register online to be included in the next class at the U Pick home. (Seating is limited to 6)

To schedule a class with your friends…the cost is $60.00 through  Store. If you live within 12 miles of Missoula – I’ll come to you or you can come out to my location-see the contact us page for address and map.
Classes can be scheduled MONDAY evenings or WEEKEND afternoons January-March.

Can’t get to a class or not local? Get a printed cooking booklet here





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