My stepdad “Griff” came into my life when I was just figuring out life. He said once, “There was a time I fed my kids from a garden and some chickens”. My mom, on the other hand, liked to have her yard look like the front of a gardening magazine. As I started gardening on my own and learning organic and sustainable growing, I’ve leaned toward the practical by growing herbs that can be “pretty” and nourishing food. I love and continue to learn more each year on making my efforts count for my community, the environment and my country. I have lots of kin who are or  have served our country so this weekend I’ll be praying for them as we devote this three-day weekend to getting the garden going and getting more education on the wonderful world of herb gardening in the NW!

We won’t be at Clark Fork Market as vendors this weekend, we’ll be at the class hosted by Green Path Herb School Designing your own Medicinal Herb Garden on Saturday, buying herb plants at their sale. Sunday and Monday we’ll be in the garden. Join us if you want to enjoy some great work and fun in memory of a serviceman you know or remember and tell us your story!