I usually have a post every Friday about what’s going on for the weekend or the next week, but gardening took over

Yesterday was a serious “yarden” day, garden cart fully equipped!

Usually I’m great at getting a post out for what’s going on through the weekend, but gardening took over! I knew I only had yesterday to accomplish my weekly goal of getting the yard around the house cleaned up, since I was supposed to have time being laid off of my regular full time job because of CDC mandates. Well, it was like old times…got out there at 11 am and came in at 8:30 pm, with a few breaks. It felt great to be out there! So here’s the news: The store and Volunteer Learning Sessions are closed, not from the snow, but because of the Holy Days–namely Gary’s (my husband) birthday is today and tomorrow is Easter. We’ll resume our temporary? hours on Monday. The monthly newsletter gives more details!

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