I got inspired by a post by Green path Herb School today on hops. Ever wonder what makes beer so relaxing (beside the alcohol)? It’s the hops! Beer drinkers know the bitter taste of Hops, and it does  strengthen and stimulate digestion. As sedative, they have been known to help with sleeplessness and excitability. Hops also have antispasmodic properties, which could lend to calming smooth muscles.

So, we’re going to serve a Hops infusion (tea). We’ll have it with honey to tone the bitterness and for later with lime flavored sparkling water. Try something different at the market…We’ll also have some fresh bunches and dried bags of other Wellness Tea herbs you can try at home. Everything is sustainably grown here in Missoula. We’ll be at the Clarkfork Market 8-1!