At Clarkfork River Market 8/6 8-1

Holy Basil tea herb

It’s going to pleasant temperatures Saturday morning! Here’s this week’s featured products including our tea we’ll be selling and sampling: Auntie’s Coughing Tea– if you’re sensitive to smoke or dust, it’s a healing comfort! We’ll have it on ice w/wo honey starting at 9 am. And more… fresh herbs for cooking and sun tea! Do you need any of these?

We’ll be replacing many of our individual Wellness Tea Herbs from dried to fresh this week with directions on how to make delicious healing sun tea!

Culinary Herbs include French Sorrel and these:

Wellness Tea Herbs include chocolate mint and these:

New batches of wellness tea blends! Women’s Equality and Women’s Civility Blends $6 a jar, $2 a small bag to try.