What are you interested in learning this winter and spring?

You can see more about this garden on the U Pick page … we are sustainable and incorporating permaculture principles as we learn! After the outdoor growing season we put our harvest into health-conscious dried herb products including culinary arrangements and blends, wellness teas and blends, and aromatic bath and sachet products. February starts the growing season again indoors.

If you are a student at the University of Montana and you’d like to be part of this new innovative venture growing and marketing sustainable herbs, check out  http://www.umt.edu/career/Handshake/and down load the file below to see where things will fit into your schedule and credits.

If you are not in school…Non-Students Internships are back and volunteering is available at many different hours. Rewards include free fresh herbs, discounts at the Big Sky Store and lots of learning, especially at the Volunteer Learning Days (see below)…contact us!

Open this for more details:  2017 Internships for Non Students

Here’s a pdUM Carreerf document flyer that gives you all the info on this year’s  semester opportunities, Read it through and see how it might fit into your schedule and major, then contact me!

2017_interns_um            2018_spring_volunteer_days_and_intern_flyer



EVST STUDENTS: Get credit volunteering for 45 hrs. of working side by side with me by coming out 7 Sundays – 10 am – 5 pm – get a free lunch! See the Volunteer Learning Days Scheduled for this month below

New opportunities for business marketing majors     2017 spring-for-bus


What’s an Indoor Volunteer Learning Day?

Hours are 10 am – 5 pm with a lunch provided.
When you arrive, we’ll meet at the cottage food kitchen in the house. We will work together there on culinary herb projects or we will branch out to the drying room and crafting room for tea and aromatic products. You’ll be working with myself or another knowledgeable intern so ask away while we work! Most jobs will be specific to categories of herbs so you can get familiar with them personally. Even if we’re not in the growing mode, we’re happy to share what we know there too.

Lunch hour we’ll be eating and talking herbs! After eating, you can browse the crafting room and buy items for 25% off, sign up for an internship and receive your appreciation gift certificate of a free bag of herbs during the U Picks next year.

The afternoon will be more of the same, perhaps switching teams or partners. When you sign up for an internship, we’ll log your hours for your university credits and other benefits after 12 hours of volunteering.

*If a Workshop Event is scheduled – you will be a participant for free, we just ask that you help with setup and filming.

To sign up…Check the schedule below for days and other hours available for this month. Then use the contact form 

For Volunteer Learning Days, add if you are Vegetarian, Vegan, Omnivore or Gluten free by Thursday night since I’ll shop for lunch Friday!

*Saturdays are dependent on market or fairs participation.

Volunteer opportunities are also available during store hours. That’s when I’m on location working.

February has winter projects-want to learn how to make Wellness Teas in the raw or Tea Blends? Tue – Thur mornings are crafting mornings! Call ahead and join us in the kitchen 

Lots of varied activities for credit, learning or herbs! Email or contact us with questions


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