If you can’t grow it, buy it locally grown. Did you know that food grown right here has what you need to live here?

Not to mention, food grown as a labor of love carries another special ingredient that you just can’t find anywhere else. Sometime, we forget what that means when it seems there’s not a lot available at the beginning of the season. Rest assured, you’ll feel the difference when you partake of what’s grown of our earth, water and sky. And who says you can’t eat flowers? Take chives, for instance. They taste less intense than the leaves, unless you eat the buds, than wow!

Get some or sample it at our booth, along with more fresh early culinary herb bunches to spread among your local food. Try it, you’ll like it!

PS- we’ll be sampling and selling cups to go of our Quit Snivelin Local Tea, perfect for allergies that annoy this time of year.