Even the perma hedge is blooming!…

There’s so much sunshine to drink in…literally! We’ve decided to include a new collection of fresh wellness tea herbs each time we’re at the market. Flowering tops make a great Sun tea that tastes great and is good for you! This week our list of fresh herbal tea herbs include: Chocolate mint, Goldenrod, Holy basil Tulsi, Motherwort, Mugwort and Catnip for you and kitties. We’ll have our culinary herbs for you as well:
Oregano, Lovage, French sorrel, Sage, Thyme, Chives, Cinnamon basil, Greek basil (compact), Marjoram.

If you love the shopping experience of the Clarkfork River market, but want to make sure you get the herbs you need, order online and pick up at our booth while you’re shopping! It;s our new thing at