January is National Bath Safety MonthNational Blood Donor MonthNational Braille Literacy MonthNational Hobby Month; Hot Tea MonthNational Oatmeal MonthNational Soup Month.

Crazy, huh? I like the idea of Hot Tea if it’s herbal and of course herbs go great in soups so I like that idea. But seriously, for a lot of us growers in zones 3-5 January is “Get your Act Together” Month-the only month to plan for the rest of the year. Nowadays, that means eek! opening up the computer while the Christmas tree is still up. Here at Big Sky Herbs we have a new focus of research each January that will thread through the rest of the year. Since it’s been bubbling up and we have plenty more to learn and practice, we’ll be studying how permaculture looks in Western Montana with a further focus on native plant interaction on our farm and the surrounding area. We’ll start out on the computer and be outside as soon as possible so you’ll need to call ahead for sales…we’ll be fitting that in as we can, as always spreading the herb!