Market Menu 8/26 

Detailed list of newest and fresh herbs

Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Curly Mint, Lemon Balm, Mountain Mint, Greek Oregano, Wild Marjoram Oregano, Lovage, Tarragon, German and Greek Thyme, Sage, French Sorrel 

Sampling and selling $1 a cup to go… Lamb’s Ear herb and Frontier Flu Brew blend (on ice after 10:30)

Get your flyer on the Fall Semester Intern/ Volunteer Opportunities and
Other featured products with back to school in mind… including new small batches

New batches of Great American & French Dipping Oil Herbs, French Veggie Herbs for culinary

New Tea Blends include Frontier Flu Brew, Auntie’s Couching tea,Old Bones Blend.

We’ve got a pretty good inventory of single tea herbs in bulk bags in all 12 categories. You can see some pics at the bottom of the Monthly newsletter page or in the store. Love to see you!