It’s Missoula and the weather is turning…so we will make this the last week for fresh herbs bunch sales.

Pictured on the right are our usual bumper crops… Top- Wild Marjoram Oregano-great for food and tea with its mild flavor. Right- Tarragon the French and veggie herb and Bottom left-Greek Oregano-the pizza herb. If you come to the Volunteer Learning Day you can take home some Oreganos!

Spicy Salad herbs and small snippets here…Top left-Arugula and clover flowers,  Top- Chives and chive flowers, Top right-Greek Thyme, Right- Lovage, Lower right-Thai Basil, Lower left- .Salad burnet, and Top middle- Cinnamon basil. I don’t even grow sweet basil since so many others do and my basils all dry better for more culinary uses. Lastly, we’ve got some fresh Catnip among the mints in our market harvest!

Top left- Mountain mint, top right- Catnip, bottom right- Lemon balm, bottom left- Curly mint.

All the mints are traditionally medicinal in some way, even Catnip is good for us humans too! Get these and more new batches of Tea Blends at the market this weekend. We’ll put the tea on.