Memorial Day began in America in 1868 to honor the soldiers who gave their lives for the American cause in wars. It has evolved some since then, but not to be confused with Veterans Day where we honor those soldiers that are still LIVING that have served our country. As usual, it’s known mostly as the beginning of the summer outdoor season, the time for camping, outdoor parties and cooking.

Here in Western Montana, we know that traditionally this weekend is not the best weather…Spring is part-time winter here. But rain, wind or shine (maybe all) we’ll be out there. Start your weekend with a trip to the farmers market to get all those goodies for the long weekend! Big Sky Herbs will be at Clarkfork River Market with great culinary herb blends for cooking and Wellness tea blends for sipping no matter the weather.

Market Menu features May 27th at Clarkfork River Market
Sampling & selling cups to go of- Old Bones Blend (in case you’re working out or outdoors making stiff joints)
unsweetened or sweetened w/ local honey