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March at Big Sky Herbs

Irish Celtic & International Women’s Month

Celtic women warriors knew and used herbs…

It’s a lucky time of year with a couple of holidays to honor a rich traditional heritage. International Women’s day is Mar. 8th and St. Patrick’s day, is in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. And spring is coming!!! Maybe it doesn’t look like it outside here in Montana, but life will be emerging soon in little pots indoors everywhere. Here’s some short studies for this month:
Let’s march forth with hope!

Spread the herb, Lori Elliott

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We will be out there…

At the Missoula Valley Winter Market-

Mar. 4-special before International Women’s Day
Mar. 11, 18th-special for St. Patrick’s Day
Mar. 25-Welcome Spring!
come to our booth or do online pickup at: for the market by Friday at 7 pm.

At the Farm -the Crafting room or garden

The store is open at these hours–you can choose curbside pickup, shopping one at a time or local delivery.

Mon. 5-7 pm local delivery                  Tues. –9-11 am
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