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April at Big Sky Herbs

It’s Lawn and Garden Month– yeah I think I’ll go with that!

The Easter bunny might not think it’s spring yet but in Montana we know that, especially early spring, spring means part-time winter. But even here there is a lot of  plant and animal life getting’ up and out including us! We might be little rusty for running a marathon (well, many of us), but, we have something in us that makes us want to get out there in the Sun’s light. It can be so therapeutic to get outside of your home and your self and see what’s coming to life around you. Whether you’ve been working out this new year or hibernating, join us here at Big Sky in learning how to incorporating herbs into your daily life. Did you know that all our culinary herbs started out as medicinal? See the learning blog this month for  some of the basics. PS: I was reminded that fishing season starts this month too.

Spread the herb,

Lori Elliott

We will be out there too…

At the Missoula Valley Winter Market at the Senior Center about every other week (unreserved)

Saturdays 9-1

We’ll be posting on our Facebook page and the News and Events page before we come

 In the Growing room and  the Greenhouse…with workshops!

April  has Volunteer Learning Day workshops!- select Saturdays & Sundays 10-5

see the internship page with general volunteering info

The online store is now open 17/7 (closed 11 pm-6 am)

Here’s a printable brochure you can have in hand while shopping-page 2 has all the products

Printable Brochure 2018

The Crafting Room (at the U pick home) has these hours: 

 Mon. –6-8 pm                         Tues. –9-11 am
 Wed. –9-11 am                       Thur. –9-11 am
           Fri. – 6-8 pm                      Sat/Sun –10 am-9 pm*

20% off all Wellness Tea products when you come out!

The crafting room is only open Saturdays when we’re not doing markets. Call ahead mornings.

(Mar. 24th Winter Market Menu)- next market April 7 
Sampling and selling $1 a cup to go… Old BonesTea blend

Other featured products with lawn and garden activities in mind…


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