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March at Big Sky Herbs

Irish Celtic & International Women’s Month

It’s a lucky time of  year with a couple of holidays to honor a rich traditional heritage.  International Women’s day is Mar. 8th, in honor of Women’s Suffrage first in Russia in 1911. St. Patrick’s day, is in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. Well, maybe it doesn’t look like spring outside here in a lot of Montana today. But it might tomorrow!  Visions of Celtic gardens come to mind where wise women listen to Mother Nature, spreading health and wellness everywhere. But for now, life will be emerging soon in little pots indoors everywhere.  For more on women’s herbs: https://bigskyherbs.wordpress.com/2019/03/07/herbs-for-women-mostly-2/ and for Celtic traditions: https://bigskyherbs.wordpress.com/2018/03/15/celtic-herbs-lucky-or-just-smart/

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We will be out there…

 Missoula Valley Winter Market every other Saturday 9-1 (click link for map) unreserved

March 14 Celebrating the Irish Celtic Herbs and Women’s Rights

March 29– Celebrating early spring


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At the Crafting room

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March 14th Market Menu
Sampling : Women’s Equality Blend & Don’t Worry Be Happy Tea

Get prints on “bright” celtic herb meanings  and history

Other featured products with women’s rights and the Irish in mind…

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