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February at Big Sky Herbs

 Happy Hearts Month

It’s time to plant some sunshine seeds! February can be a dark, cold time of year here in Missoula, Montana. Early Spring? We better get on it for all those heart healthy things to do! We put this short study on herbs for happy hearts together you might not have seen… https://bigskyherbs.wordpress.com/2018/02/11/get-a-happy-heart-with-herbs/ . Check out other blogs on herbs while you’re there.
The Cooking with Herbs 101 class was a success at the Missoula Valley Winter Market! If you didn’t make it to the class, you can still get a culinating booklet or schedule a small class. You’ll see more about this on our classes page.   We’re doing it…we’re refining and researching more on using local herbs (the inland northwest) in food as well as drinking. Stay tuned by checking out our News and Events blog or the learning blog. We encourage comments there so verify our info …Google it, read up on it, ask questions and share with us!

PS: We post pretty much every week on our News and Events page, Facebook, or Instagram since we’re always doing something every weekend that you or someone else (share it) might be interested in.

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We will be out there…

At the Missoula Valley Winter Market at the Senior Center about every other week (unreserved)

Saturdays 9-1

We’ll be posting on our Facebook page and the News and Events page before we come

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 20% off all Wellness Tea products when you come out!

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20% off all Wellness Tea products when you come out!

Volunteering Learning Days TBA in January, but you can still help out,  just email us.

Feb.9th Winter Market 
Sampling Amaranth & Rose hip tea plain or with local honey   
Other featured products with Valentine hearts in mind…

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Herb pinching wreathes (3 kinds),  Dipping oil jars and sets,   Culinating Booklet,

Poultry Herbs Gourmet Blend(8 other kinds),  All you Need for the Winter Teas ,   Wellness Loose Teas Set (9 other kinds),   Wellness Tea Blends(13 kinds),

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