February at Big Sky Herbs

It’s American Heart Month- let’s pump it!


In most cultures since ancient times the heart has been viewed as connected to the feelings, love and the intuition. We say things like, “Do you feel it in your heart?” or, “What does your heart say?”, said Elaine Sheff- Green Path Herb School. Let’s learn how to take care of our heart with our thoughts and actions. Look for a short study in the Learning Blog this month with easy tips on heart health and how you can incorporate heart healthy herbs and vinegars into some meals and snacks. We’re also going to be making bath teas, sachets and Women’s Rights tea blends and teas. We’ll feature heart products at the Winter Market. Meanwhile, we’ll be starting seeds indoors for this season’s herbs and more edible flowers! It’s cold outside… Yay! We’ll have time for all those heart healthy foods and hot drinks to make!

Spread the herb,

Lori Elliott



We will be out there too…

At the Missoula Valley Winter Market at the Senior Center about every other week (unreserved)

Saturdays 9-1

We’ll be posting on our Facebook page and the News and Events page before we come

 In the Crafting room and in the kitchen…

The online store is now open 17/7 (closed 11 pm-6 am)
The Crafting Room (at the U pick home) has these hours: 

 Mon. –6-8 pm                         Tues. –9-11 am
 Wed. –9-11 am                       Thur. –9-11 am
           Fri. – 6-8 pm                      Sat/Sun –10 am-9 pm*

20% off all Wellness Tea products when you come out!

The crafting room is only open Saturdays when we’re not doing markets. Call ahead mornings.

Here’s a printable brochure you can have in hand while shopping-page 2 has all the products

Printable Brochure 2018

February has Volunteer Learning Day workshops!- select Saturdays & Sundays 1-5

see the internship page with general volunteering info

 February 10th Market Menu
Sampling and selling $1 a cup to go… Motherwort herb tea
Other featured products with winter and heart health in mind…


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