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January at Big Sky Herbs

New Year new 2020 Vision

Hard to find sunshine this year so far! It makes it hard to get motivated looking outside. But, it’s a great time to look at things with real vision… This is what we’ve got and we’ve got to find practical ways to make our own sunshine. I spent a good part of the day seeing what food helps us with Vitamin D and finishing off the day with a tasty soup with local mushrooms, greens, ginger and other herbs from the harvest. January is also a perfect time to learn something new from what you’ve gone through in the past year and get that 20/20 vision on what’s best for you next.

local greens, mushrooms & herbs for Vitamin D

We’ll continue to be studying for our Cooking with Herbs 101 class that we’ll be presenting hopefully Feb. 1st.  We’re also upgrading some of our Tea Blends. We want all our products to reflect our mission of spreading wellness and making herbs easy to incorporate into our everyday lifestyles by making them taste great!

See our products on our Square market. You can order and pick up during our store hours before the markets or at them. Like us on FB and find out what we’re doing on any given weekend. You can join us – make and taste tea Sunday afternoons with us!

Spread the herb,

Lori Elliott

We will be out there…

 Missoula Valley Winter Market every other Saturday 9-1 (click link for map)

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At the Crafting room

Important Notice: the online store has changed due to Cottage Food law, we’re supporting local now…

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*The crafting room is only open Saturdays when we’re not doing fairs or Saturday markets. Call ahead mornings.

20% off all Wellness Teas In the Raw when you come out!

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2019 Printable Brochure

For Volunteering Learning afternoons, check out the Internship and Volunteering page or just email or call us.

Jan 4th Market Menu
Sampling : Frontier Flu Brew and newly formulated Women’s Civility Blend

Other featured products with winter sunshine in mind…

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