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August at Big Sky Herbs

The Everything month

Meadowsweet flowers

Harvesting, family and school …at the University of Montana that is. August is also Montana Local Food Challenge Month where you can challenge yourself to eat local all month. We’d like to be part of that with you so when you come see us at the Clark fork Market and buy our fresh herb bunches, they will come with recipes and/or info on pairing. You can also come out to a U pick either on a Sunday (see schedule on the U pick page) or an appointed time (see the store hours then call). It’s also BASILFEST all month too, so we’ll be featuring 5 different fresh basils at the market. Learn about Basil and other herbs and recipes on to our  blog for learning Stay tuned on the News and Events Page for updates on everything we’re doing!

Spread the herb,

Lori Elliott

We will be out there…

At the Clark Fork Market next to the Information Booth  about every other week Saturdays 8-1

We’ll be posting on our Facebook page and the News and Events page before we come

Fresh Herb bunches –the list is growing!

Lemon Balm    Salad Burnet   Chives   Lovage   5 Basils     2 Oreganos    Marjoram

Sage   Thyme     Johnny Jump up flowers   Red Clover flowers

Spicy Salad Herbs are back!

August has outside Volunteer Learning Days and U Picks!- select Saturdays & Sundays 10-5

see the internship page with general volunteering info

The online store is now open 18/7 (closed 12 am-6 am)

Here’s a printable brochure you can have in hand while shopping-page 2 has all the products

Printable Brochure 2018

The Crafting Room (at the U pick home) has these hours: 

 Mon. –6-8 pm                         Tues. –9-11 am
 Wed. –9-11 am                       Thur. –9-11 am
           Fri. – 6-8 pm                      Sat/Sun –10 am-9 pm*

20% off all Wellness Tea products when you come out!

The crafting room is only open Saturdays when we’re not doing markets. Call ahead mornings.

Aug. 4 Market Menu – 1st weekend of the MT Local Food Challenge 

Sampling and selling $1 a cup to go… Lemon Basil tea

Other featured products with eating local in mind…



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