We’ll be at the market with a booth 8/8 & 8/22! See our next market menu at the bottom of the page

August at Big Sky Herbs

Hot Days of Summer

Holy basil Tulsi forever…the 2020 bumper crop

August in Missoula, MT promises to be a hot one. With this season being so different in our lives, it’s great to have the plants to see how nature just keeps giving.  Sometime everything happens all at once in the garden so I’m learning to go with the flow and not stress out but be blessed with the abundance and the “distraction therapy”. For instance, Holy basil is known to help cool the body…just in time! Learn more about Holy basil and other culinary herbs and their wellness uses at https://bigskyherbs.wordpress.com/ . Check out some herb profiles there with recipes too.  I pray for your health and wellbeing as I touch and love the plants everyday!

Spread the herb,

Lori Elliott

PS: We post pretty much every week on our News and Events page, Facebook, or Instagram since we’re always doing something  you might want to be involved with…join us from 6 feet out in the garden!

We will be out there…

At the Clark Fork Market  8/8 & 22

come to our booth or do curbside pickup at https://clarkforkrivermarket.localfoodmarketplace.com/Products

At the Crafting room and in the Garden

The online store is open at these hours–you may need to order the day before, and pick up curbside the following day 

Mon. –6-8 pm local delivery                 Tues. –9-11 am
Wed. –9-11 am                Thur. –9-11 am
Fri. – closed                      Sat & Sun –TBA on Fridays*

Sun. –6-8 pm local delivery  

*This schedule is for August. Weekend hours may be altered according to markets and Volunteer Learning Sessions. Call ahead for curbside pickup as well as shopping one at a time-we’re following all CDC mandates and guidelines. Shop online at https://big-sky-herbs.square.site/

Here’s a printable brochure to have on hand -page 2 has most dried products–

2020 Printable Brochure

For Volunteering Learning sessions, check out the Internship and Volunteering page or News and Events on Friday or just email or call us.

8/8 Market Menu- TBA
Selling cups to go: We can’t sell or sample our Wellness Teas yet

Fresh herbs are back!

Here’s a list of what we’ll have with us: All our fresh bunches come with herb info, tips and recipes for culinary herbs 

Culinary-Oregano, Lovage, French sorrel, Sage, Thyme, Thai basil, Cinnamon basil, Greek basil (compact), marjoram.

Wellness tea-Holy basil, Mugwort, Lady’s Mantle, Chocolate mint, Goldenrod. Make sun tea out of all our wellness teas!

Featured products with hot weather in mind…

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