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June at Big Sky Herbs

Spring Transition into Summer

Some days we think we’re in the throws of hot summer days and other days it seems like winter is chasing us down. Temperature and weather swings can put a little pressure on our bodies and moods whether we are aware of it or not. But, as nature would have it, there are plants that are in season that can assist us with the transition. The perennial herbs that make great spring tonics are up and growing! This month the featured herbs that will be fresh at the Clark Fork Market booth are Chives, Lovage, Salad burnet, “Johnny Jump Ups” and later Oreganos. We’ll see what else pops up! This month we’ll be doing the market 6/2 & 6/16 (the day before Father’s Day). Stay tuned on the News and Events Page for updates on everything we’re doing and learning! PS:

Spread the herb,

Lori Elliott

We will be out there…

At the Clark Fork Market next to Caras Park about every other week

Saturdays 8-1

We’ll be posting on our Facebook page and the News and Events page before we come

At the Spokane Herbal Faire  June 9th  10-4

June has Volunteer Learning Days at the garden too!- select Saturdays & Sundays 10-5

see the internship page with general volunteering info

The online store is now open 17/7 (closed 11 pm-6 am)

Here’s a printable brochure you can have in hand while shopping-page 2 has all the products

Printable Brochure 2018

The Crafting Room (at the U pick home) has these hours: 

 Mon. –6-8 pm                         Tues. –9-11 am
 Wed. –9-11 am                       Thur. –9-11 am
           Fri. – 6-8 pm                      Sat/Sun –10 am-9 pm*

20% off all Wellness Tea products when you come out!

The crafting room is only open Saturdays when we’re not doing markets. Call ahead mornings.

(June 2nd Market Menu)- next market June 16 
Sampling and selling $1 a cup to go… Quit Snivelin’ blend and Figwort herb tea

Other featured products with transition in mind…


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