A little slice of life

We’re always learning and growing here even when the plants are going into winter mode. We did a small project last Sunday and had a lot of fun with it.

This summer, some of us took a class on growing a herb garden with permaculture inspired by Green Path Herb School’s article   http://greenpathherbschool.com/growing-an-herb-garden.  Since our garden was already set up as a sustainable garden, we gleaned some principles to improve our site. This is project #1 for this coming year – installing a hedge to make the garden take on a food forest quality. We’re redoing a west side row with some taller herbs to make a wind and hot sun barrier.

1st order of business: digging up the sod to expand the row to transplant the Goldenrod into. We sliced the sod into squares vertically and horizontally and added to our wall in the compost area. While we were at it , we cut down more Comfrey and added that to another pile in the compost area, adding more soil from our digging.

2nd step: digging up the Goldenrod and transferring it in. It doesn’t look pretty this time of year but we just want it to nestle in  for the winter. We’ll mulch with leaves, grass pulling and weeding can happen in spring.

This is a bit of the latest Volunteering Learning Day at Big Sky Herbs. You can see more about them on the Internship and Volunteering page 

There’s plenty more to do and much more research behind this not mentioned here (I can send links), so feel free to comment and get a conversation going below.