It’s that time of year where we want to get in shape so we can enjoy everything this season has to offer.

Wow, kale is a wonder food and it’s so available all year-long even locally here in Montana. There are lots of ways you can get in a daily dose. You can make a salad with a healthy vinaigrette or oil and vinegar dressing and you can make kale chips with Parmesan cheese. I’m choosing to make smoothies as part of an eye health protocol I read about. Smoothies can be chalked full of so many power foods that are fresh, raw and blended to allow your body to assimilate right now!

Of course, adding herbs to the savory veggie smoothies are a great taste boost…I’ve been adding Basil Cider Vinegar to mine too and they’re scrumptious! Get some local kale at the winter market, and the infused vinegar will be available 4/21 at our booth.