Chives are here!

So, I’m different because I love everything herb. This Clarkfork River Market is my birthday market. An old market tradition (from BC times) has vendors giving away something as a celebration of another year of life we have been blessed with. I’m giving away little bouquets of what? Chive flowers, yep, you heard right! Have you tried them? They are a small onion with a milder flavor and have some benefits. I did a little study on them. Check it out here:

I haven’t forgot about the Marathon runners too! Show me your number and you’ll get 20% off at checkout.

This week’s Market Menu featured products including our tea we’ll be selling and sampling: Gettin’ Up and Out Tonic- you can have it straight up or enhanced with local honey and/or balsamic vinegar…try it! PS: it goes great cold with any citrus flavored electrolyte drink.