We are excited about the first farmer’s market! It happens to be U of M’s graduation and Brewfest too. This weekend, with the weather forecast being “iffy”, we’re putting our energy into getting our product inventory up to snuff. We’ve decided to sample and serve Hangover Tea, just in case you overdo celebrating with libations, overwork your body or mind, or just want to attack some inflammation. We’ll also have our Gettin’ Up and Out Blend on tap, a highly nutritive tea that could possibly be your new caffeine alternative? We’ll have some local honey syrup on hand for those who want some sweetener. And…(drumroll) new Wellness Tea Blend Big Mug Packs – see the 13 different Blends when you scroll down at  https://squareup.com/store/bigskyherbs. So, come on over and see what we’re doing for Volunteer Learning 10 – 5 or shop early!