Looking into what the new year could hold makes me both excited and pensive. There’s so much to learn and do! We’ve updated our website so you can see what we’ve got to offer you. Look at our Monthly Newsletter for starters where you’ll see some heart for the new year. You’ll see when we’re open at home and where we hope to be out and about in Missoula. It may not be the growing season, but there’s plenty to learn and make. See the Intern/Volunteering page for what we’ll be working on. I’ve got a new book to study and research from. If you have some questions about herbs…ask! We’re here to give ideas and direction. And lastly we’re working on the store pictures and descriptions. We’ve sold out of a few things at the holidays (that’s good?)but we’re processing our Wellness Teas like crazy! Spread the herb,   Lori Elliott