It’s that time of year where the garden is winding down and we get to get things ready for winter and beyond. The fall season is here! Here’s some details of our activities for this rewarding time of year.

First, we’ll do the last harvesting which amounts to pruning, weeding and covering. Then we get to fill up the drying room with the bounty from all our harvesting! It’s already pretty full, so we’ll move things to the bins for  processing. Our permaculture goal for this year is installing a hedge at the west end of the garden. We’ll transplant some large bushy herbs from our rows and use some small volunteer trees from our back yard. It’s great to make everything work for good and optimum growth and health!

It all takes work, but it’s great excercise, and so rewarding to the body, soul and spirit. Join us weekend warriors and get a free lunch, credits (if you need them) and some herbs to take home. See more info on the internship page.